Engagement and Partnerships

ACWPS works with coalitions to advance the participation and protection of women. We provide advice and assist in advocacy for urgent and emergent cases for women and children in crisis and conflict.

The CHILDREN BORN OF WAR PROJECT raises awareness and provides training to help women survivors of sexual violence and their children born of wartime rape. Women cannot reintegrate into post-conflict society if their children cannot integrate. Yet, often these children are stigmatized and denied basic rights because of the nature of their birth. Today, children born to women who were captured and pressed into cruel sexual slavery by ISIS terrorists are left in a precarious and dangerous life in refugee camps in Syria. Their mothers want to return to their homes but are not allowed, yet, to raise their children in their own religion and therefore must choose between raising the children they love far from home in a camp, or returning to their homeland and leaving their children. We believe no woman should have to make such a choice. We seek justice for these women and their children born of war.

PROJECT AMPLIFY is an initiative of the American Council on Women Peace and Security helping women leaders bring their challenges and achievements to a wider audience and make a positive change. ACWPS developed an extensive curriculum for women survivors of sexual violence to speak or write their stories in their native tongue, translate them, and bring them to audiences in their communities and capitals.

Series: Women’s Gains in Afghanistan

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