Helmut guti M.

Helmut is a servant of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a creative director, producer, and entrepreneur with a passion for digital media and its power to make a positive impact on society. He is the founder of Stellar Cinematics, a multimedia creative boutique. Fighting sex trafficking is at the top of his social work. Furthermore, he believes awareness through audio-visual media is paramount to promoting community engagement in helping and protecting children and vulnerable minorities at risk of sex trade. Through his former experience as a journalist, radio host, on-camera talent, a Master’s degree in Global Studies, and more than 15 years of multimedia productions across several countries, he seeks to further his knowledge of unreached cultures to address possible solutions to the lack of preventive education related to sex abuse and human trafficking issues. He understands social outreach and working with the community are key factors in any enterprise. This sense of community and God’s inspiration compelled him to develop ‘We Care, We Give’, a charity program inside his company. Moreover, he believes in the empowerment and freedom of communities at risk of abuse, through education, innovation, mutual respect, and love for one another.

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