Humira Noorestani

Humira Noorestani is a corporate and commercial attorney based out of Washington DC. She is the founder of DigiCounsel, a platform that teaches practical legal and business skills. Ms. Noorestani has been dubbed an “unconventional attorney” because of her non-traditional legal education and work experience. Ms. Noorestani has earned degrees from the William and Mary Law School, the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School, the American University of Central Asia, and the American University of Washington D.C. She has utilized her broad education to conduct cross-border transactions all over the world. Most recently, Ms. Noorestani served as General Counsel to a Forbes top 100 Middle East company headquartered in Qatar, where she oversaw their regional and global operations. Ms. Noorestani has also served on numerous panels focused on women’s roles and the rule of law in post-war countries.

Prior to attending law school, Ms. Noorestani founded Ariana Outreach, an organization that connected women of two worlds – Afghanistan and the United States. Through Ariana Outreach, Ms. Noorestani held significant events on Capitol Hill to promote widespread awareness concerning the plight of women in Afghanistan. These events captured the participation and support of several members of Congress, other prominent government representatives, and professionals from a myriad of bipartisan institutions. Ms. Noorestani’s work relating to human and women’s rights has been a defining part of her life and for which she has received several accolades including, a Congressional Recognition and a Human Rights Award from the Pennsylvania Bar Association. As an undergrad at the American University in D.C. Ms. Noorestani ran an Afghan club and held lectures such as “Who the Taliban Are.” At the University of Pennsylvania, Ms. Noorestani served as the Human Rights Scholar, working on some of the most pressing issues of our times for the advancement of disadvantaged groups of people. Ms. Noorestani is multilingual, speaking Dari and Farsi fluently, and has an understanding of Arabic, Russian, Spanish, and some Urdu & Pashto. Ms. Noorestani enjoys writing and aspires to continue thought leadership on all things Middle East, Central Asia, and of course, women.


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